Lately I have had a number of people call me to talk about generating more traffic to their website.  It’s typically phrased as  “How can I get to the top of Google?” As I dig deeper into understanding why they want more traffic, I get to the root of the problem, which is that they want to increase sales to their business.

Doesn’t everyone want more sales?

As I talk to these folks more, the conversation comes back around to how effective their website is.  It’s extremely rare that anyone I talk to has any idea about (or even access to) their website statistics.  Usually people use Google Analytics; however, that is not always the case.  So the main question I propose to you is, why focus on gaining more traffic? You may already have enough traffic – you just don’t have enough conversions.

I’ve said this before, and it’s important to reiterate here, a website is never done. It needs constant updates and maintenance to achieve good results and higher search rankings. Moreover, these updates are best used when analyzing and making attempts to improve your conversion.

If you are getting 1000 unique visitors per month, and 10 of these visitors submit queries, you are getting a 1% conversion rate.  The next step is to look at your site and make some small changes, maybe in the text or possibly the graphics, that are better able to speak to and connect with your prospect. By doing this, your conversion rate could increase and result in more business.  If the changes to your website got you 5 additional website inquiries per month, that makes your conversion rate 1.5% without even increasing your traffic. Just think – these same people are already looking at your website. It’s just up to you to tempt them into making the transition into a customer.

As a side note, if you spend the time on increasing your conversion rate first, then move your focus to traffic increase, you will receive an even greater number of inquiries.  At 1.5% of 2000 unique visitors, you would receive 30 website inquiries instead of 15.

There are a few ways you can increase conversion and traffic:

1. Submit an inquiry form with us. I will call you to discuss your site and we can talk about conversions and traffic.
2. Commit to updating your website monthly by yourself or have us do it.