Social Media Management

socialmedia-girlOver the past few years, social media has catapulted into the lives of people all over the world. In fact, it’s becoming (or maybe it already is), one of the number one ways of communicating. Although many see social networking as a personal activity that should be done on one’s own free time, businesses everywhere are embracing the power that this revolution holds.


Presumably, blogging was one of the first pieces to this jigsaw of social media concepts. As was mentioned before, blogging started on a personal basis; it was something that one would do in one’s spare time to talk about one’s own life experiences. These days, blogging is crucial for your company website. It helps add new content to your website and it keeps your viewers informed about what is going on with your company. And believe it or not, it can even help give your business some credibility through sharing your expertise. Once you’ve started blogging (and even if you haven’t begun to do so) you will definitely want to setup a few key social media accounts to help promote your business.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest can really help get your business name out there. Through these social media sites, you can share your blog postings (and other information) through your status updates, which in turn could help your search engine rankings. These sites also allow you to interact with all of your fans, customers, and potential customers at once on a regular basis; and remember, with social media, you don’t always have to be talking business! Try reaching your market with more personal updates (i.e. inConcert posts a “Question of the Week” that has nothing to do with websites! We talk to our fans about what types of foods they like to eat, what businesses they have a preference for, and what types of activities they enjoy doing.) By engaging in these social conversations, you can begin building relationships with your existing and potential clients.


Facebook is probably the most encompassing of today’s popular social networks, including status updates, text, photos, video, friendship connections, and more. Other networks are more focused. Twitter, for example, allows people to post 140 characters of text at a time, which can be used to link to photos or videos. Similarly, Pinterest’s focus is more on images, and LinkedIn is all about making and maintaining professional relationships for networking purposes. Despite these differences, you can rest assured that each of these channels is an easy way to reach out to your customers or audience and build a relationship. The best social media strategy encompasses all four of these networks.


You may be reading this thinking that you don’t even have 5 minutes left of your precious time to invest in this endeavor. That’s okay because inConcert can help you! We have many options within our Website Maintenance and Search Engine Marketing plans that help you with the upkeep of your social media and blog postings. Start your social media community now or give us a call to see how we can assist you. Don’t get left out, join the social media revolution today!