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“We are very thankful that inConcert was able to fix the problem. They have been awesome. They fixed the problem in seconds when we had been working with our vendors for several hours. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love it when others make my life easier to manage.”

Kathy Lore, North Central Massachusetts Association of Realtors

“Wow! Its great when you ask someone why they called and they say I love your website!”

Mikey Campbell, Platinum Productions

“inConcert Web Solutions has a very good understanding of what a company needs in a web site to stay ahead in business. If you are looking for a company to help bring your business into the 21st Century media world look no further than inConcert Web Solutions!”

Colleen Flanagan
(2010 Seminar Participant)

“inConcert recently conducted a seminar on how to use social media to promote your business and increase sales. The seminar was sold out, resulting in a waiting list of prospective attendees. The information presented was relevant, intriguing, and easily understood. Although the subject of social media is vast, inConcert covered many critical areas that can help increase sales for your business. I highly recommend attending future seminars presented the team at inConcert Web Solutions.”

Jeff Tourcotte, Middlesex Savings Bank
(2009 Seminar Participant)

“inConcert helped us design our website and gave great guidance on ways to improve visibility. We followed their advice and now visionpayroll.com is even listed first by Google for some payroll-related searches. We couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it without them.”

Len Leader, Vision Payroll
(November 2008 – Website Design, Development and Maintenance Client)

“What have you guys done to me? I have no time to do any jobs I’m too busy looking at jobs! The postcards are working and that’s a good thing!”

Rich Clapham, Clapham Tree Service
(June 2009 – Print Client)

“Website; awesome job…You’ve got margaritas on me”

Southside Grille
(October 2008 – Website Maintenance Client)

“We have had the [Content Management System] up and running for a couple of months now and I can say that it completely lives up to the claims you made for it. Updating our website is a breeze, and now I can train several members of my staff to work on parts of it, taking the time and effort off of one person.”

Paul Baxter, City Mission Society of Boston
(Website Development Client)

“I love it!!! You are fabulous; it was everything I wanted with the ‘everything’.”

Donna Warfield, Remax Associates

“…the website helped out in modernizing the Toys for Tots process.”

LCPL Durkin, Toys for Tots
(June 2009 – Website Design, Development and Maintenance Client)

“It was extremely beneficial and was a one stop shop for the process. Cut down on a ton of paperwork and phone calls and made it easier for request and donations as well.”

Sgt Rodrigues, Toys For Tots
(June 2009 – Website Design, Development and Maintenance Client)

“I love the changes and ability to control the site”

GySgt Smith, Toys For Tots
(June 2009 – Website Design, Development and Maintenance Client)

“Thank you all very much for applying such skill, creativity and diligence in completing this project. You have designed a fabulous website. The new website exceeds my expectations; it is truly beautiful and highly functional. It was a pleasure to work with each of you.”

Frank Casagni, Electronic Fasteners
(Website Design, Development and Maintenance Client)

“The staff at inConcert succeeded my expectations since our first meeting. They took the time to meet with me personally to discuss my needs and I always felt the staff was on top of their game. I highly recommend inConcert Web Solutions for any of your website needs!”

Wanda Nordlie, Leap Eco Solutions
(January 2010 – Website Design and Development Client)

“We are extremely impressed with everything, start to finish. Hiring inConcert was one of the best decisions my company has made.”

Michelle Rattanavong, Geronimo Properties
(Website Design and Development Client)

“A million thanks for figuring out what was up with our email… you saved a really tough day!”

Kathy Alexander, Controller, J and R Glass Service

“My administrative assistant reports that the Content Management System is working well and the website has been completely reliable. We’re pleased.”

Paul Baxter, Ph.D., Associate Director, City Mission Society of Boston
(July 2010 – Website Development Client)

“I don’t have a bad thing to say about the whole experience. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I am very pleased.”

Paula Richard, A.T. Villa USA
(Website Development Client)

“Congressman Olver and everyone associated with his campaign like the new website very much, and inConcert did a great job designing it. As the main updater of the site, I also very much appreciate the custom tutorial and guide that they made for me on how to use the WordPress management system. It was very well worded and easy to understand. I have posted a number of “posts” over the last couple of months. We’re very happy with the site, and I thank you for your good work.”

Hunter Ridgway, Citizens for John Olver for Congress

“I think you and your staff did an amazing job. I love the way the website works and looks. Your staff is incrediblely patient (lol) and very easy to work with. I would definitely refer your business to anyone I could and will. PS: The business cards are so very cool!!!”

Cindy Martin, James G. Grant Co.

“One thing that is very important to me is communication as to what is being done, status etc.. I thought they did a great job with that.”

Marvin Huffaker, Chandler Networks
(September 2012 – Website Development Client)

“After 1 week with inConcert we received a phone call for a nice size job that we were able to close the deal on the initial call. When asked how they heard about us they said from your website. As you can imagine I was thrilled, even more so because this was the first closed business and legitimate lead from our website in 3 years. Afterwards I knew I made the right decision by having inConcert take over our website.”

Jamie Stafslien, Complete Technology Resources
(August 2013 – Website Development and Marketing Client)

“The website is working out great… love it! Thanks so much!”

Gina Ciprari, AKUITY
(August 2013, Website Design and Development Client)

“I Just want to say to you that your company has been awesome to work with, thanks so much!”

Adam Furlong, B.W. Furlong & Associates
(September 2013, Website Design and Development Client)

“The shirts came in today and look great. Thank you very much!”

Tom Sioui, Slideways
(September 2013, Promotional Item Client)

“We never really got many hits from the old website. We have had 4 or 5 building inquiries sent through the new website!”

Lisa Pepper, DR Poulin
(March 2015, Website Design and Development Client)

“Just wanted to say thank you, for not only delivering way ahead of schedule, but for doing such an amazing job, once again! I shared it with our team this morning and have got nothing but compliments on the new site. Ken was actually speechless, which trust me is hard to do!”

Shauna Haraldstad, ARMIN Innovative Products, Inc.
(June 2016, Website Design and Development Client)


“inConcert is one of the best things to ever happen to Vision Payroll. In just a few short weeks, their stellar team transformed Vision Payroll’s website from an unoriginal, shallow template to an in-depth, dynamic business tool. From start to finish they worked closely with Vision to design the right website for us. Moreover, they educated us as to how to best update its content. Since hiring them, Vision has risen drastically in search engine rankings. Expertly designed with the right balance of content and graphics, Vision Payroll was recently selected for a trade show based solely on the appearance of our website. The support found at inConcert has also been nothing short of fantastic. Whenever we’re unsure of how to go about altering content or layout, they are always easily reached and ready to answer our questions. In this day and age, first impressions are often made online, and I know my company is putting its best face forward because of the great work they have done for us; I would recommend inConcert to any business looking to improve its web presence.”

– R. A., Vision Payroll
(Website Design, Development and Maintenance Client)