Perhaps you’ve experienced this problem: the annoying uploaded sideways image. Let’s say you’ve taken a great photo with your smartphone, everything looks fine. You go to upload it to Facebook to share with all your friends and – boom – it’s sideways. What the…? You’ve just...

Email is one of the critical business tools that people rarely think about, until something goes wrong. If you’re like most organizations and rely heavily upon email to keep in touch with clients, customers, suppliers, and sales prospects, there are several best practices you should...

What is a Hero Image?  We get this question often.  The reason web design prospects ask us “What is a Hero Image?” is because often times they are hearing this industry jargon term from another person in the web design or development business.  Perhaps it’s a family friend who has some experience in web design, or maybe it’s a business colleague who has some limited web programming experience.  Either way, the information

How to break up with your web-savvy-but-oh-so-busy friend.
Client: Two years ago my friend helped me with my website. She really did everything. Since then she has changed positions in her job and has started a family. I had a few updates for my website, but she takes so long to get back with me. I don’t even know how to sign in to my website. How can I make the break and still keep her friendship? I really would like to update a lot and feel like I have no idea where to start.
Our Advice: To put it simply I would recommend –honesty. Your friend did you a great service by helping with your website and that shouldn’t go unappreciated. Two years ago websites were different. Your friend is now on a track serving her own life and might welcome the opportunity to unload the website responsibilities on to you or someone else. She might be just as nervous as you are to bring up the topic in fear of damaging your friendship. Business is business and yours needs to stay fresh and modern. That is reason enough to send her a quick email and just tell her the truth. The easiest way to make changes is with a Content Management System that YOU can update yourself. If you don’t have the time, then find a reliable company you can work with.

Inside a BubbleWell let me say this if you try to live in a bubble, you most likely will die in one. If you’re building a business you do not want to lose your biggest investments, Time and Money. In today’s world it’s all about being connected. It may be something you don’t want to do, but you really have to. You can say I have a website that’s keeping me connected, but what is it doing there? Is it like an old phone book keeping the door open or is it more like keeping the door shut! There are so many things your website can do to help grow your business but that is for another conversation. I want to talk about what you can do to help others and then in turn everybody prospers. Like they say, what goes around comes around. I’m a part time Musician and I get paid to play, one thing I’ve always tried to do is hang out with better Musicians. As a Musician, my goal is not only to have fun but mainly to learn something. So that’s why mentors are so important, even in business. And don’t forget you have talents too and you should always be willing to help others, we all have mistakes and successes to share. You know “Givers Gain”! So you ask yourself, how do you do this? Well you need to schedule some time out of your week to get out there. Get out and be involved with Chambers, BNI chapters, go to after hours events and what ever else it takes to make personal connections. Once people get to know the person behind the company name you can start connecting across different social media platforms. I’m sure you’ve heard of the main ones like LinkedIn and Facebook, these are great to advertise on and get your name out there. With your Facebook account you’ll want to create a separate page for your business, keep business and personal separate. The more you connect with people and become like minded you’ll discover the best social networks to connect with and what works for you. These new connections and business associates will have something to offer, it’s called experience and you can do the same for them. One of the biggest things is to be real and be honest, better to be yourself it’s always easier to remember the truth.

3 Blog ideas for your small businessContent is the key to having your website show up on Google.  But often times, small business owners don’t know where to start with website content.  In an effort to assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled 3 blog ideas for your small business. What you need to make this work:
  • You need a website, ideally with a blog or a place to put the content
  • A little bit of time to create a blog article (or the desire to hire it out)
  • Some creative juices.
Let’s define blog briefly.  A blog is a term for a location on your website where you add content, generally with ease, that is related to your business or industry, but may not be directly related to a product or service.  Often times it’s used as a place to provide insight to your readers and show that you are knowledgeable and are an expert in your specific industry.