Google Ads and AI
– What You Should Know

AI is nothing new for digital marketers. Google integrated AI into many of its ad features years ago. Responsive search ads use AI to dynamically identify the best combination of headlines and descriptions based on the user’s search query. Google’s Smart Bidding tool uses AI to automatically place and adjust bids. Broad match uses AI to improve reach, going beyond exact phrase matches.

But that’s just the start. Google announced additional AI features coming to Google Ads at its recent Marketing Live Conference. So let’s dive in and see what features could help optimize your ads in the future.

5 Must-Know Insights About Google Ads and AI

Google Ads have truly been a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. At its core, Google Ads allows in-house marketing teams and agencies to expand advertising reach– all with access to detailed performance data. The continued integration of generative AI in Google Ads will build on this, allowing teams to advertise at scale like never before.

So how will the new AI advertising features affect your business? Here are 5 things you need to know.

#1: Google Ads Will Show in Normal Placements When AI Overview Isn’t Served.

As you probably heard, Google’s search results now show AI Overviews. (Head over here if you need to dig into AI Overviews.) Right now, only a small fraction of search queries result in an AI Overview.

  • When AI Overviews aren’t served, Google Ad placements will remain the same. Business as usual.
  • When AI Overviews are served, Google Ad placements may fall a bit farther down the page.


Only time will tell what the long-term effects will be with AI Overview’s implementation, but right now, there’s no need to panic that your ads won’t display when AI Overviews are served. Remember, currently only a small percentage of searchers are even seeing AI Overviews, and only for searches that the system decides require an AI response.

According to Kyle Byers, director of growth marketing at Semrush: “It will have an impact, but I don’t expect it to be as substantial as many fear. It may even have a positive impact on average since AI Overviews link back to source web pages. An improved experience for Google users could also result in more searches being made, which is another way it could lead to increased traffic for publishers and content creators.”

#2. AI Overview Will Soon Have an Ad Placement Opportunity.

Google announced it will soon start testing the placement of ads within the AI Overview section. When an ad is deemed relevant to the summary and the search query, it will appear in a sponsored section. Right now, these will be search and shopping ads.

The good news? Advertisers do not have to opt in, as Google will be pulling from existing campaigns, at least during the testing period.

In early testing, Google reported users found ads above and below AI summaries helpful. Plus, Google has been teasing other new ad formats that will become available in the future. More on that when details are released.

Want to learn more about AI Overviews? Check out 10 Things You Need to Know About Google and AI Overview.

Image Source: Search Engine Land

#3. New Search Ad Experiences Coming Down the Pike.

As you know, image searching is on the rise and Google is poised to monetize this type of search as well. Before looking at how ads will show up, let’s recap these existing search features: 

  • Google Lens allows users to take a photo of an item and search for it online.
  • Circle to Search allows users to circle a product in a photo and search for it online. 

Over the next few months, shopping ads will begin showing at the top of visual search results in Google Lens and Circle to Search. That means relevant products will get more visibility.

Plus, search ads will become more interactive, helping lead customers through complex purchasing decisions. In fact, soon AI creative tools will help make 3D shopping ad formats a reality. This could be a game-changer for certain products. Again, more to come on these exciting developments.

#4. They Integrate Tools that Help inConcert Web Solutions Help You.

In addition to the AI tools that Google already has in its arsenal, Google Ads recently launched new creative AI tools that will help agencies like inConcert Web Solutions streamline ad creation and ensure your ad creative is on brand.

Plus, they’re enhancing reporting so our team can continue to uncover what’s effective for each of our client’s unique audiences. As our current clients already know, our team is dedicated to campaign management, from testing and optimizing paid search ads to regularly reporting on performance. If you currently work with us for digital marketing, trust we’re staying on top of any changes to best practices and will continue to adjust strategy to benefit you. If you have any questions about your digital campaigns, let’s connect. We’re always happy to discuss!

Image Source: Google

#5. It’s Everchanging and inConcert Web Solutions is Staying on Top of It.

Our goal is always to help our clients reach their goals—more clicks, appointments, purchases, and ultimately, revenue. We are continually monitoring industry trends and updates and watching how changes impact each of our clients. You can rest assured, we’ll adjust as needed when we can confirm the efficacy of new strategies and tools.

Digital Marketing Pros at the Ready

When it comes to paid digital marketing, AI has already had a significant impact over the years, especially with responsive ads and bidding. Our team is excited to see how these new AI-powered search ad features can help our clients drive better performance.

These changes are a lot to keep up with. If your internal marketing team doesn’t have the time to test new features, or your current agency isn’t keeping you updated on important changes to your campaigns, reach out. Let’s leverage these changes to work smarter, together.

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