Gardner Massachusetts

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Our Team

Mark Smith-CEO, Projects Manager

Mark Smith
 Senior Project Manager

Julie Spain-President, Director of Sales and Marketing

Julie Spain
President /
Director of Business Development

Rani Colbert- Graphic Designer and Assistant Project Manager

Rani Colbert
Graphic Designer /
Assistant Project Manager

Greg Whitehead SEM/WMP Web Developer and Customer Care Representative

Greg Whitehead
Web Developer / CSR

Jon Skinner Web Developer

Jon Skinner
Web Developer / CSR

Tom Coleman Client Content and Marketing Manager

Tom Coleman
Client Content /
Marketing Manager

Karin Morin Plan Client Customer Service Representative

Karin Morin
Account Executive

Carol Parent Administrative Assistant

Carol Parent
Accounts Receivable

Jim Schakenbach Content Writer

Jim Schakenbach
Content Writer

Carolyn MacCloud Digital Marketing Specialist

Carolyn MacCloud
E-Mail Marketing Specialist

Adam Smith-Jr. Graphic Designer

Adam Smith
Jr. Graphic Designer
Social Media Graphics

 Susan Smith- Sales & Media Support Administrator

Susan Smith 
Sales & Media
Support Administrator

Audra Myerberg-  Social Media Content Writer

Audra Myerberg 
Social Media Content Writer

Tim Grybko- Social Media Advertising

Tim Grybko 
Digital Marketing Specialist
/ Special Accts Manager

Steffen Campbell
Content Writer

Jeff Gordon