Gardner Massachusetts

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Our Team

Mark Smith-CEO, Projects Manager

Mark Smith
 Senior Project Manager

Julie Spain-President, Director of Sales and Marketing

Julie Spain
President /
Director of Business Development

Rani Colbert- Graphic Designer and Assistant Project Manager

Rani Colbert
Graphic Designer /
Assistant Project Manager

Greg Whitehead SEM/WMP Web Developer and Customer Care Representative

Greg Whitehead
Web Developer / CSR

Jon Skinner Web Developer

Jon Skinner
Web Developer / CSR

Tom Coleman Client Content and Marketing Manager

Tom Coleman
Client Content /
Marketing Manager

Karin Morin Plan Client Customer Service Representative

Karin Morin
Account Executive

H. Stanley

Heather Stanley
Content Planning & Design

Jim Schakenbach Content Writer

Jim Schakenbach
Content Writer

Carolyn MacCloud Digital Marketing Specialist

Carolyn MacCloud
E-Mail Marketing Specialist

Adam Smith-Jr. Graphic Designer

Adam Smith
Jr. Graphic Designer
Social Media Graphics

 Susan Smith- Sales & Media Support Administrator

Susan Smith 
Sales & Media
Support Administrator

Audra Myerberg-  Social Media Content Writer

Audra Myerberg 
Social Media Content Writer

Tim Grybko- Social Media Advertising

Tim Grybko 
Digital Marketing Specialist
/ Special Accts Manager

Steffen Campbell
Content Writer

Jeff Gordon