Matt’s back again today with another Tuesday Tip! This time he’s here to talk about one of the ways Google measures websites and how you can take advantage of that information. The more you understand about how search engine optimization and websites work, the more valuable your website can become to your company and day to day business.

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Hey, everyone, it’s Matt Ward from inConcert Web Solutions and I know you are looking for more great tips about how to make your website rank very well.

The one thing Google has come out and said is that new content – actual new, fresh content will rank higher than older content.

So, how do you get new content? If you don’t want to add content, go out and edit your existing content to make it a little bit more relevant. Look at some of your pages on your website; what are converting and what are not converting. If you don’t know, you need to get Google Analytics installed into your website and look at that data. It’s very powerful! It can tell you how long somebody’s spending on your webpage, on a particular web page piece of your website. You can tell if a page is relevant and how long people are staying on there. Are they leaving your site after they are on that page? If they are, take that page and rework the content on that page so that you can get it more relevant to what people are probably searching for.

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