Lately it seems like everyone has a website everywhere you look. However, not everyone has a great, effective website. Find out how to make your website stand out from the crowd and get the results you deserve.

inConcert Web Solutions is proud to present the first of our Tuesday Tip video series designed to answer your questions and help you improve your website. Watch the video below to find out how to earn a great Google search engine ranking. Be sure to stay tuned for our second tip in a couple of weeks. As they say, you learn something new every day – today is your day to learn about websites!


Hi, everyone. I’m Matt Ward with inConcert Web Solutions and we build effective websites for people.

So, what makes a website effective? You know, a lot of people ask us, “How do I get ranked to the top of Google?”. You do that by getting a lot of content into your website; content that is relevant, it’s topical, it’s something that people are going to search for.

If your company sells peanut butter, let’s talk about all types of ways that peanut butter is used on things. Is it used on toast? Is it used with crackers, are you using it in cookies? Provide recipes for people. Educate people on how to use your product and service and that’s going to hit the search engines and connect with what they are searching for.

The reality is if you have good, great content people will hit your site; it will rank high, it will stick and they will convert into actual customers.

So that’s how you build an effective website; with great quality content.

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