This is when many people would say, “Whew! We finally got all that posted. Glad that’s over with!” But they’d be wrong. This is only the beginning.

Now comes maintenance. This involves the same three steps as creating the original content (see Step IV illustration). The purpose is to maintain relevancy, reinforce your brand identity, and provide a means to attract new viewers (and customers) while providing a reason for current customers to come back frequently.

Create a checklist to help with the details.

Think of your content as a well-oiled sales tool. If it isn’t properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis, it becomes rusty and stops working properly.


So there you have it. Using the six-step content strategy process outlined here, you can develop, create, and maintain better, more effective content – creating useful, valuable marketing communications tools that will deliver a consistent, actionable message to your marketplace.

A good content strategy will help you more easily identify, create, and maintain the various marketing communications tools every company needs to be successful. A workable content strategy enables you to build, populate, and maintain a website more efficiently; build and maintain your brand identity more effectively; and develop new business more easily.

It’s never too late to start.