It’s a fact – companies who have blogs get more leads online than companies who don’t have blogs. If you are asking yourself if you can afford to blog, the real question is… can you afford NOT to blog? You will need to be patient, but as you build up content in your blog, you will begin to reap the rewards of your efforts. Here are a few reasons to commit to blogging regularly.

It’s a perfect place to publish your original content. You want your business to stand out. A blog is the perfect channel to showcase the ways you outshine your competitors. Think of it as a direct connection to your interested audience. Provide information such as helpful tips, useful articles, interesting news, details about specific projects you’re working on, and your blog will become a valuable resource that represents you and your brand. From the perspective of a potential client, you’ll come off as relatable, experienced and knowledgeable – all great qualities.

Establish yourself as an authority. When people read your blog, they are going to believe nearly everything you tell them when it comes to your industry. Take advantage of this behavior and assert yourself and your values. Inform your readers about how and why you do things the way you do. Show them you know what you’re doing. Explain why you’ve come to these conclusions. Being confident and believing in yourself can be quite contagious!

Sharing is caring.  Social networking sites aren’t just for fun anymore. Having a collection of all the people you know can be a real bonus when you’ve got something to say. Take all the original content from your team of experts at work and share the links with your friends, family, and everyone you know. If you keep this network of people up-to-date with news from your company, chances are much greater that they will be able to refer a new lead to you.

Blogs are SEO fuel. When people are searching online for your products or services, don’t you want to be the number one result? Blogs can help you achieve and maintain great search engine rankings. Regular doses of fresh content (aka, your blog articles) signify that your company is active and staying up-to-date with your industry. Another factor in these rankings is how often people are posting links back to your blog – popular content earns higher rankings.

Practice makes perfect. If you can’t immediately launch into a flawless explanation of each and every single one of your services or products, then you need to practice. Writing a blog article will make you think and help you articulate your thoughts ahead of time. This can be helpful when you’re faced with an opportunity to make a sale in person; you’re much less likely to stumble over your words.