Some of you may be familiar with keynote speaker Erik Wahl, whether it be from seeing him live, or from hearing me talk about my story and how his keynote impacted my life.

In brief, for those that don’t know, Erik Wahl is a keynote and motivational speaker that I had the pleasure of seeing perform in May of 2011 for our client GVNA Healthcare. Erik paints art as part of his keynote, not just art, but fantastic art, and he does it in a way that is incredibly moving. Erik isn’t just an artist, he is a performer, and certainly a motivator. Erik’s message is very direct… Step out of your comfort zone, or as he calls it, UNTHINK. His company is called The Art Of Vision and he talks about seeing the vision that 97% of the population doesn’t see – to look at things so differently that you set yourself apart from your competition.

Simply put, have you done this to your website? Have you looked at your website from your clients’ perspective to see what it is they are looking for, or better yet, to see what you can show them that none of your competition is showing them? What have you done (on your website) to be different than everyone else in your market space?

It was once said that if no one else is doing what you are, you could very well be on the cutting edge of something great. Are you just following along in the footsteps of others? One example of excelling and leading the way is what Erik does with his Art Drops. You can learn more about Art Drops on Erik’s website or by watching this video; however, in a nutshell, his sought-after artwork, which he doesn’t sell, is given away free! He hides the artwork somewhere, then gives clues online for his fans to follow. First to find it gets to keep it.

I am a leader in this endeavor. I currently own quite a few Erik Wahl Paintings, some of which you can see on this page, all of which you can see in our office located in Gardner.  We proudly display them and they are often the topic of discussion when our clients come to visit our office.  Meetings tend to go longer because we always end up talking about Erik, his paintings and his passion.

Life isn’t just about coasting, it’s about excelling, and so is business. If you let your website be the norm, the 97% , then how can you expect your prospect to make the decision to use your services? Step out of the box and get creative. Do something different that no one else in your industry is doing. As Erik says, “Take a risk”; it will be worth it and you will learn a great deal along the way.  It’s time to awaken your passion for your business and take your business and your website to the next level.  It’s time to be different than everyone else.  It’s time to be the top 3% that achieve so much greater in business and life than the other 97%.  If you want to be part of that 3% then it’s time to make some changes to your website.

I would highly recommend that while you’re in the mode of taking action that you visit Erik on Facebook.  Feel free to post on his wall and tell him I sent you, he loves it when I send folks his way.  Erik knows me well, he has given me the title of “Art Drop Sniper” for my ability to get these paintings, via his clues, in many other cities around the country while doing it, in many cases, from my office or my cell phone.  It’s not easy, but it takes action.  Only action will produce the top results that I wanted (getting the paintings).

It’s time to tell yourself, that your inaction on your website over the past few years is enough!  Take the step now to make changes, regardless of what they are and over time, that action WILL produce results!

Stop by for a visit to see the real paintings in person!