Excuses, excuses. They’re so easy to make. Blogging is an important part of any SEO plan, yet so many companies and individuals make excuses instead of blog posts. Here are my personal five favorite reasons that people avoid blogging.

Let’s start with number five: “I don’t have anything to say.” Yes, you do! You just don’t know it yet. If you run a business and you can’t think of anything to say about it, you either have a really weird secret business or you never learned how to speak. Everybody has something to say about their business. Whether your blog articles feature the different services you offer or delve into topics that aren’t necessarily sales-related, you definitely have something to say. Great topics are company history, relevant industry news, case studies of work you’ve done for your clients, and so much more.

4: “I’m not good at writing.” There are so many free writing tools available online that you don’t have to be good at writing to make a blog post. These days you never have to worry about spellcheck and only occasionally about grammar. If you’re still not confident about your writing ability, just make a bulleted list and add a sentence or two about each point. Actually, who says your blog even needs words? If you have photos of your products or services, just throw those into your blog with a few descriptive sentences or captions.

3: “I don’t have time.” You’ve got just as much time in your day as Einstein and all the other geniuses before you, and think of everything they managed to accomplish! Blogging doesn’t have to be a long, torturous event. Keep a running list of topics so you never have to sit and brainstorm. Steal moments while you’re just going to be waiting anyway, like in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and compose brief blog articles. Schedule half an hour or an hour into your weekly agenda (or daily, or monthly- it’s up to you) and you’ll find that it’s easier than you think to stick to the schedule.

2: “I don’t feel like it right now.” When will you feel like it? Who is going to make you feel like it? The only person who can motivate you is you. If a blog would be good for business, then make yourself feel like it. Sorry, but this excuse is weaker than weak.

1: “I don’t know how.” Blogging is easier than ever before, with a great multitude of different sites that have streamlined the blog setup process for beginner bloggers. Here at inConcert Web Solutions, we’re pretty fond of WordPress and everything it’s capable of (which is a lot!) If you need help setting up a blog, please don’t hesitate to call us today and we’ll be glad to get you started.