So I want to start by ranting about politics, but I always tell everyone else not to do that on their social media channels because it always becomes a big debate.  So as I sit here debating in my head whether or not to move forward with this blog post…pondering over a nice cup of hot tea, I decide….ah, Just do it Matt!

For those that want to get into a political debate…it won’t happen so don’t bother posting comments!

This fiscal cliff issue with our government and economy is tenuous at best.  People sit on different sides of this debate, and I am ok with that.  But when you have a deadline, get it done!  Lock yourselves in the room, no one eats, drinks or is allowed to go to the bathroom until you get the deal done!  There are no hall passes until you get the job done.  You waited until the last minute (or should I say procrastinated).

There are no excuses (or as some say reasons) for not getting the job done!  Nothing, zilch, nada…comes in the way of working this Fiscal Cliff thing out.

The reality is that you had one job to do in the past 90 days….and you did not get it done!

If I promised to deliver on a website project for a certain date and failed to do so, it would be considered unacceptable and I would have to answer to my actions (or inaction’s  whatever it may be).  If I ever handled my business like our government does, I wouldn’t be around long.  In fact, if I did do things like the government does, getting money would be easy; when things get tight, I could just call my banker and say “oh, raise the bar”, and he would have to, just like our government does.  It’s beyond belief and frankly rather frustrating to know that things move at a less than snails pace!

Why is it that our politicians can allow this to happen?
(This is a rhetorical question; no answer is necessary, required, or even frankly accepted)

What’s that sound? Is that the birds chirping?

My point is simple. If you are hired to do a job, you do it… or you get fired, terminated, dismissed, demoted, or whatever euphemism you want to use for removing one from the position they are currently in.  Like Bill Belichick said, “Do Your Job!”

Hopefully this rant hasn’t been too political but in fact pointed out why small business owners are successful at what they do.  It’s because they make the difficult decisions when they have to.  They don’t dilly dally around and point fingers.  For those that do are not around long.  Business owners get things done.  It’s what we do.  It’s what you do.  We don’t sulk for long, but if we do it’s with a bottle of wine!  We move on, we deal with things as they come and we grow as business owners.  But one thing we don’t do is accept mediocrity where there is no room for it…it’s unacceptable.

Let me say that again… Mediocrity Is Unacceptable!

Regardless of the fiscal cliff, or the cliff that may happen next week, or even next year, the small business owners of this world seem to care a great deal more than the politicians do about the overall success of our fellow man!