There is often a distinct gap of knowledge between a company and their clients. The people who work for the company quickly become experts in their fields because they experience the same problems or situations on a regular basis. Many clients may only encounter these problems or situations once in a while, if not only once. For good examples of this phenomenon, just think of any service you would hire someone to perform for you. People who aren’t plumbers don’t usually have detailed knowledge of the inner workings of their entire bathroom. People who aren’t hair stylists don’t typically know the names of all the different hairstyles.  The same goes for almost every industry.

A glossary is a great way to address this issue. Sharing industry-specific information, especially jargon, with your customer base is wonderful for your business in many ways. First of all, you’re demonstrating the experience and expertise of your company and workers. Anyone can make a list of industry buzzwords, but it takes a true professional to maintain the balance between being easy to understand and talking down to your audience.

Secondly, you’re establishing your company as a professional resource. Readers who want to know more about your industry are more likely to understand what you’re saying if you provide definitions for all your terms. They’ll also be more likely to return to your website next time they have any related questions and they might even encourage their friends and family to check your website out too.

Thirdly, you’re fortifying your website and SEO efforts. Adding a glossary means adding a lot of keywords that are relevant to your industry. The search engine spiders that crawl your website will pick up on this new content and your ranking is likely to increase. Also, every time you use any of these buzzwords on your website, you can now add a link to your glossary so that readers don’t have to do any extra searching. A website with many interconnected pages is also ranked higher by the search engine spiders, so this is really an SEO double whammy.

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