So your company has decided to join the internet bandwagon and you want to create an online presence for your brand. The problem is, you have no idea where to start. There are a variety of different online channels that your brand can use to shine, so it helps to get an idea of how best to take advantage of what is happening online.

Let’s talk about Facebook.

Facebook is currently the social hotspot of the internet for many people and businesses. It is easy to share almost any kind of content on Facebook, whether you are posting text, links, photos or videos; and users can easily leave feedback on your posts. There are endless plug-in options for customizing your profile or page, and it is a great way to put a friendly, relatable human face on the employees in your company.

If you have to choose just one social network to represent your business, Facebook is the most versatile and popular, so it seems like a logical choice. However, Facebook users can be very private people and many may not allow your brand to infiltrate their social network, thanks to a set of very complex security settings. The classic “cold call” approach does not tend to work on Facebook, as people are very wary of strangers approaching with offers and very protective of their personal and private information.