Facebook is such a vast online space that it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out the controls. Fortunately, you’ve got the inConcert Web Solutions blog as a great resource to help you. Here are a few tips I like to keep in mind to get the most out of my online experience whenever I log in.

1. Schedule content ahead of time. If you have a Facebook page (not a profile), you can schedule content to be posted in the future. This is perfect for people who are always on the go as they can still post about all the places they are going without staying in front of the computer or spending all their time on a smartphone. For example, if you’re on the lecture circuit, why not schedule reminders for your lectures? You’ll be busy chatting and preparing, and your Facebook page can automatically remind all your friends online to get off the internet and come hear what you’ve got to say in person.

2. Get notified. This is an option for profiles and pages alike. Visit a page you’ve liked and click on “Liked”. You should see a menu pop down that includes “Get Notifications”. This means you’ll get a little red flag notification every time that specific page posts something. The same feature has been implemented when you click on “Friends” on your friends’ profiles. Now you won’t have to rely on the News Feed algorithm to deliver the news you want.

3. Recycle your content. Throwback posts can sometimes be really popular, and they’ll save you some time, too. Take a look back through your old photos or blog articles, and share a link to the old content. Sometimes the information you’ve already provided still applies. Sometimes it’s just funny to look back and see how different things used to be. Maybe you’ve got some new friends who weren’t around back then. Maybe your existing friends just didn’t see the post. Either way, there’s no shame in re-sharing content that you’ve already posted.

4. Keep your news feed organized. Facebook hasn’t been pushing this tool, but there is a built-in friend organizer that you can use to determine who you want to hear from. Take a look at facebook.com/friends/organize and you’ll be prompted to sort through your friends, decide who you’re close to, and group the rest into an “Acquaintances” list that won’t be featured in your news feed much. Keeping your news feed sleek and interesting can really make your Facebook experience much more enjoyable.

5. Turn off chat for individuals. Tired of seeing the same people pop up in your chat sidebar? There’s a solution to your problem. Simply open a chat with any individual and click on the gear icon on the top right. The ‘Options’ menu will open, and you will see an option for turning chat off for that particular person. It’s not a tool for blocking people though- these people will still be able to send you messages and interact as you would with the rest of your Facebook friends. They just won’t be able to tell when you’re online and ready to chat. Try it out!

For more great tips on how to use Facebook and other social media solutions, contact us today. We can’t wait to help you!