If you have a Facebook account, it’s pretty likely that you’ve seen many different types of posts in your news feed claiming that you can track all the visitors to your profile. The truth is that there is no way for you to track these people. There are no apps that can tell you, and there are no hidden features in Facebook’s code. Any app or post claiming otherwise is a scam, so never, ever click on that kind of stuff! Multiple Facebook representatives have confirmed these facts, which you can read for yourself in the Facebook Help Center.

Other popular scams include promises of free iPad giveaways and weight loss secrets. If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Nobody is giving out iPads for free on the internet, and there are no magic weight loss tricks – it is a scam to try to get your personal information, which can be used in identity theft attempts.

By now you may be thinking “How can I be safe with all this risky content everywhere?” Well, you can safely assume a post is a scam almost every time if it’s a poorly-spelled offer that seems too good to be true. Another red flag is any post that gives you a URL that has “extra” letters in it. The post may claim that Facebook prevented them from posting the link properly, and suggest that you need to remove the extra letters and then follow the link. However, to stay safe, you must never follow the instructions in these posts. The reason a link gets blocked is because Facebook can tell that it is a link to harmful content.

If you can’t tell whether the link might be bad to click on, just try asking the person who posted it directly. They’ll be able to confirm if it’s a good link or not. Chances are, if it’s a bad link, their account has been making posts automatically without their knowledge and they will need to take action to make it stop. Suspicious apps should be stripped from your profile, reported to Facebook, and blocked. You may also need to change your Facebook password to ensure that your account is protected once again. The bottom line is, be careful about what you click on!