Let’s look at the past year as it pertains to your website. As you know, a website is never truly completed. You have to keep it maintained and add new content on a regular basis if you want to attract any traffic or improve your search engine rankings. What have you been doing to keep your website fresh?

It’s time to set those New Year’s goals and resolutions regarding your business and your website. This next year could be the best yet if you follow through and take care of your website properly.

Did you:

  • Post at least six new blog articles to your blog?
  • Edit at least four pages of content on your site to bring them up to date?
  • Test your contact and lead forms at least once per month?

It’s important to test all the functioning features on your website regularly to ensure that they are always working correctly. Keep in mind that not all of your visitors will be using the same program to access your website. Even the people who are using the same browser will probably have different versions of it, depending on how often they download updates for it. Sometimes pieces of code on your website load differently or won’t work on outdated browsers, so testing is a must.

This is a big reminder that if you didn’t do ALL of these things this year, you have some room to improve.  However, if you didn’t do ANY of these things, your site may not be performing as well as your competition’s website. Take a long hard look at their websites and compare them honestly against your own. What are they doing better than you? What are you doing better than them? Obviously, you want to do everything better than your competition, so once you identify problem areas you can begin to improve them immediately.