Another Tuesday, another tip! This week, Matt discusses a little bit about knowing your competition and figuring out what they are trying to rank for. This is an important step in making your website as powerful as possible. Take a minute and watch the video below!

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Hi, everyone! Matt Ward from inConcert Web Solutions again, with another great tip for you.

Everyone wants to rank high on Google and we know that. Now, any good web development company cannot guarantee you that. But what they can tell you is teach you how to find out how your competitors are getting there. You’ve got to know your competition. Now everybody kind of knows the businesses that they are dealing with and we all understand that from a business makeup, but think about it from a web makeup.

What properties, what websites exist out there for your competition? Some of your competitors are going to have more than one website. You need to think about that. You need to find it. You need to look at all the content. What are they trying to rank for? That’s how you really know your competition!

The other thing you can do is look at the code. In about the first 15 lines of code, you are going to see all those meta keywords in there. That’s going to tell you a lot. What they are trying to rank for is going to be right in those first 15 lines.

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