It’s Tuesday again and as usual, we’ve got a great tip video for you! This week, learn the secrets of regular website maintenance from our website expert Matt Ward. If the reason you haven’t been working on your website is because you are too busy, then this video is for you! Take just one minute to enlighten yourself by watching our video, and you could unlock a whole new world of potential. 

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Hi, everyone… Matt Ward with inConcert Web Solutions. I am bringing you this great tip today and I think this is the best tip I could have for you.

All my tips require time, investment of your own resources or your staff’s resources. The reality is it’s too much for a lot of people; it’s overwhelming. What I tell people all the time is, “schedule it into your calendar”.  You’ve got to build some time in to work on your website.

A website is never done. I tell people all the time, “This is NOT Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams”. You cannot put it up and expect that “they will come”. You have to market your website, you have to maintain it, you have to make adjustments to it and you have to add content to it.

If you schedule it in your calendar, like a meeting with yourself, you will get it done. That’s the best tip I can give you today.

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