Sometimes, as I navigate the networking and business world, I run into small business owners who have or want to build a website with Wix. This, in my professional opinion, is a huge mistake.

Below I break down why this is such a mistake…and why you should never want to build a website with Wix.

  1. Flexibility – Wix will likely tell you that there is flexibility built into their platform. But what does that mean? What flexibility do you need? How do you validate that the Wix platform will allow for that flexibility. If you choose WordPress, installed on the server of your choice, then you have more flexibility than Wix can offer. That is not something that they can rebut…they have to maintain a standard core product, and they won’t make any adjustments that your specific business may need. If you work with WordPress, then you can make any and all adjustments that you need for your brand and business.
  2. Transfer – Have you ever tried to transfer a site away from Wix? You can’t! It’s not possible. If you build a website on Wix….your stuck with the Wix platform. If you want to leave the platform, you have to design a new site on the platform of your choice. When I survey small business owners regarding Marketing, they indicate that the number one issue in marketing is TIME. If you build a website on Wix, then decide that the platform is not for you, you need to find a new platform, and build a new site. Do you really have time for that? If you find yourself in this situation, you are going to be internalizing the reality that you might just have to stay with Wix because you don’t have the time to invest in a new website, after doing it once already. It’s a very frustrating feeling! Think about that BEFORE you build your first website.
  3. Ownership – It’s your website, shouldn’t you own it? If you build a website on Wix, you don’t own it! Why spend all this time, effort, and critical business thinking resulting in a new website that you just don’t own. Anyone that builds a website with us, owns it. You pay for it…you own it. If you buy a shirt at the mall, spend your hard earned money on it…you own that shirt. Don’t fall for platforms or website building companies like Wix that will take your money…make you build the site….then retain ownership of that. The simple test of ownership is mentioned above in point 2….Can you take it with you if you are not happy with support or the services as a whole. With Wix…you cannot!
  4. Google Ranking – It’s extremely rare to see Wix sites rank well on Google. Typically the ones that do, have very little competition for their keywords that they are focused on. Often times, services like Wix will attempt to sell you higher level plans for access to SEO services. Now…that isn’t necessarily a bad thing…companies like mine do a similar thing…if you want SEO or SEM services, then you need to pay more…but here is the primary difference….you are paying us to do the work! We actually do the work. Wix and other services sell a plan…that if you buy, makes you think you will rank…then you have to do the work to make it work. Additionally….it was major news in October 2015 that Google dropped all Wix sites from their search engine results pages.

    Search Engine Land wrote an article about it here on the Search Engine Land Website

    SEO Roundtable Mentioned it here on the SEO Roundtable Website

    The American Genius talked about it here on the American Genius website

    There were many others…but I don’t want to boar you with more links.

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  5. Real Conversations with People that care – Being a small business owners is not easy, in fact, it’s downright hard….and it’s just plain difficult sometimes! It’s long days, lots of stress, lots of fees, more taxes, and rarely a good pat on the back! It’s a well known fact that business is transacted between parties because they Know, Like, and Trust one another. Let me ask you about this….your services….are those services that employees of Wix will buy or partake in? It’s certainly not a given that a local provider, like us, would be able to buy your service, however it’s far more likely. Here’s an example. We have a client that provides organic food delivery service to your home. Their website is There are multiple employees of inConcert Web Solutions that buy this service. By going with a small business, and not a big box, they are helping out a similar small business…but the folks at my small business also became aware of their service, and now we buy it, and we refer them out. They also use Constant Contact to get the word out, and because we are experienced with their produce and product, we Know, Like, and Trust them so we refer them to our friends and family! I’m not naive to believe that this model works for everyone or every small business, but it really does work for many of our clients.  If you are a realtor….ask yourself…does someone at Wix have a remote chance of buying or selling a home with you? If all you care about it price…then Wix might be a good fit…certainly we are not, if the focus is on price. However if you care about the future of your small business and you want to do business with who you Know, Like and Trust…then this is the model for you…it’s going to work for you as well!  Trust me…it works![Tweet “if you care about the future of your small business don’t use Wix”]

Build a website with wix? You ask?  No Thanks!

In summary….use someone local…and don’t use a big box like Wix to build your website that has all the signs that remove full control. Always focus on retaining control of the things you pay for.  After all….it’s your site, not mine, not theirs, not your mother’s….it’s your site.  Protect and care for it like it’s yours…not theirs!!!!