It’s old news that people can use their email addresses for advertising purposes. Everyone has gotten emails advertising services or products. However, many people don’t realize the professional advantages that come from using custom domains, especially via email. When you register your own custom domain, you gain the ability to use it in your email addresses. I’m talking about the part that comes after @ in the email address: vs. – which one do you think has a better ring to it?  Think about it – are there any reasons NOT to use this to your advantage? Why would you sacrifice this opportunity?

Sure, you can get free email through many websites – take gmail, for example. Many small companies register their company name at as their primary email address for the whole business. This means that every time they send a message, their recipient is subconsciously reminded of Google – a very subtle form of advertising, but advertising nonetheless. There’s no need to be reminding people about anyone except your own company. That’s like sending out important information from your company in envelopes that have a different company’s name printed all over the outside.

You don’t have to give up the convenience of a powerful tool like gmail just to start using your own domain, though. We can even set up your existing gmail accounts for you to use with your company domain name – that way you don’t lose the features of gmail. That’s how we operate here at inConcert Web Solutions – we help you use all your tools in concert with each other.

Give your clients the most professional and streamlined messages possible by using your own domain for your email addresses. When you use your own custom domain for your email addresses, you also increase the chances that your message recipients will visit your website. Often, when people receive a message from someone that they want to know more about (a.k.a., YOU!), they will check the internet for more information. So essentially, your e-mail address is an inviting reminder that you have a complete website just waiting for someone to come along and read it. What are you waiting for? Get going! Call us today for assistance from the experts.