What is it?

Domain kiting is a phenomenon that occurs when an internet company finds out that a domain is searched for and buys it, holding it hostage for additional funds. They truly have no use of the domain but to resell it to someone that wants it. 


How does this happen?

Only certain companies have access to the direct purchase of domains. Everyone else has to use them. They are called ICANN Registrars.

When you search for a new domain for yourself, if you use a well know Registrar like Godaddy, they record the entry. Then an ICANN Registrar can purchase that domain if you don’t buy it at that time. If you search for this domain again within 48 hours they will most likely buy the rights to it. You may never get the chance to buy the domain you want.


How is inConcert Web Solutions different?

We don’t use these sources to check on the availability of domains. We use our own sources. That way, no records can be kept of what domains we are interested in purchasing, and no one can snap it up before we get the chance.


Don’t let your friends lose money!

If you know someone who wants to lookup a domain, don’t let them fall prey to this domain kiting scheme. It could truly cost them thousands of dollars versus our $15 annual fee. Have them call us at the office, and we would be happy to perform the proper search and assist them with their domain purchase.