Today’s digital world has drastically reduced the amount of print advertising, but that doesn’t mean print is no longer an effective marketing medium. Print advertising is not limited to placing an ad in the newspaper or hanging up flyers. There are a great many opportunities for businesses to shine by using print services to their advantage. Here are a few basic steps to take for your company.

Business Cards. Whether you have a business or not, getting some business cards can seriously help you out. You may want to consider ordering some if you’re the kind of person who is constantly writing down your phone number, email address, website URL or even contact info for social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. From amateur photography to local musicians to pool league members, business cards can be a real time-saver. They are a must-have for any company or individual who wants to generate an air of professionalism.

Letterhead. Sending out invoices, quotes and other documents on custom company letterhead is a great way to promote your company. The more often you can increase your brand exposure, the more permanently your impression sticks in the minds of your clients and prospects.  Choosing a custom logo and design for all your stationery as well as your business cards, website, and emails gives off a unified, sleek appearance that customers will love & remember.

Envelopes. Once you’ve set yourself up with some custom letterhead, it would be a shame to hide it away inside plain old envelopes. The documents that you mail out pass through a number of hands in the postal system and potentially building management before arriving at the final destination. By using envelopes imprinted with your custom company logo, you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to increase your brand exposure to people you’ve never even met.

Brochures. Need an effective way to distribute information about your company, but don’t want to bore people with long paragraphs of text and no visual stimulation? Brochures deliver bite-size details about your company that people will easily be able to digest. You can provide a lot of helpful information, such as contact information, photos and descriptions of products and services, directions to your location and more.

Postcards. Postcards are a great way to spread the word about your company because, just like with envelopes, they are liable to pass through the hands of many people. However, unlike envelopes, the entire postcard and all of the information on it is visible to all. Thus promoting sales, specials, or seasonal discounts can be an especially great use for postcards.

Get creative! There is a lot more to print than you think.  Thinking outside of the box can be rewarding as it can make you stand out from the crowd, and getting noticed is the whole name of the game. Slap your logo on post-it notes – people will hang on to a useful product. Calendars are another great item because they’ll be hanging up for an entire year. Take some time to brainstorm about a product that would be helpful or relevant to customers in your industry and it could be a gamechanger.

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