Web design has always been a service that is a perfect blend of technology and art. Today, with Internet access available on a wide variety of devices ranging from primitive cell phones to supercomputers to video game consoles, websites must be designed with a one-size-fits-all mindset. This technique is called responsive design and it is swiftly becoming a necessity instead of just a luxury. Any good website must be user friendly or no one will use it. The biggest challenge for the web designer is testing the new website in every browser and on every mobile device they can think of.

Ideally, a great website will provide an optimal viewing experience, no matter what device it is being viewed on. This can be achieved by detecting what kind of browser and device is trying to load the site and dynamically changing the size of images, layout of text and miscellaneous formatting.   inConcert Web Solutions is a team of experts when it comes to anything web-related, and we are proud to offer responsive web design as one of our services. We specialize in helping your company develop a web presence that enhances your professional reputation, brings in more business, and helps get your job done more efficiently.

Not every screen is the same size, shape, or even capable of loading the same code. For example, imagine loading a website on your smartphone. Can you realistically expect everything to look and function exactly the same as if you had loaded it on a desktop computer? Not only does the visual display of the site change, but the physical controls differ wildly, and there is a vast gap between the actual computing power of each device. Another prime example – Apple decided that none of its mobile devices would support Flash-based programming, which means that a lot of websites can’t load on iPhones or iPads. As their electronics are incredibly popular, this decision affects more than just the Apple fans – anyone who wants their website to load on mobile devices or anyone developing an app must cooperate with Apple’s arbitrary rules.

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