The Ying and Yang of Google PlusI see eyes roll in the general business sector when the words Google Plus are mentioned.  Often times the thought is “Geez, yet another social media site I need to manage?”.  This is a very relevant, and often true statement.  I wanted to break down the Pro’s and Cons (Ying and Yang) of Google Plus for you so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not this is right for your business.

Yes…Google Plus is a social medi
a site, similar to Facebook.  In fact it’s more like Facebook than Twitter.  But that doesn’t mean that it has the mass appeal that Facebook does.  In fact, there are studies that show minimal site usage of Google Plus on a daily basis.

So…who is on Google plus?  Primarily Website Developers, coders, and small business owners.  Here’s why.

Website Developers and Coders know that having a Google Plus account is a huge benefit to having their site rank well on Google.  It should be a no brainer that if you want to rank high, you should have an account on just about everything that Google owns.  They link them all together for better results and a better user experience.  Hence Youtube…..Use it!  It’s owned by Google too!

Business owners tend to be on Google Plus because their web developers pushed them there or set them up with accounts on Google Plus.  Why?  Because it helps them get found on Google.  Simple enough?

So, ranking is the number 1 reason that people have accounts on Google Plus.  The number 2 reason is that some time back, Google required a Google Plus account when you wanted to get a gmail email account.  They have since stopped that practice.

There is your Ying….now here is the Yang!

Customers aren’t there.  They just aren’t spending the time on the platform.  The benefits of the search results feed through to the google search pages….but there isn’t the back and forth conversation from customers on Google Plus.  As such, spending time on there is a battle of ROI, time versus results.

Here are few things I highly recommend to Get the most Ying for the Least Yang! 🙂

  1. Setup the Google Plus Account (Outsource it if you have to)
  2. Automate Blogs to be posted to Google Plus to limit your time exposure
  3. Check it once per quarter to ensure that the automation hasn’t failed for any reason
  4. Watch the rankings grow
  5. That’s All – #MicDrop

Whatever you do, don’t spend time chatting it up with people or brands on Google Plus, it’s not worth your time, unless you are a coder, or want coding help!