Who Am II have always believed that people do business with who they know, like and trust.  So I thought I would tell you today about who I am so you know me as a person.  That might make you run, but hopefully you won’t!

I was born in Cheverly, Maryland.  At age 10, I enrolled in Milton Hershey School: a private, TUITION FREE, boarding school founded by Milton Hershey… yes, the man behind the chocolate bar!  I attended Milton Hershey School for 7 years and graduated in 1991.  College wasn’t for me, so I moved home to Northern Virginia for about 6 months, then moved out onto my own to navigate my own way, the only way I knew how – by trying things, failing and learning from them, only to try more things.

In September of 1997, I left Washington DC, sold my Car on the street for $50 and I started over! I moved to Leominster, Massachusetts for a fresh start…a new beginning.  Working in Software Quality Assurance, I eventually started a part-time web business known as Central Mass Web Design.  I did it primarily for fun and additional income; however, that changed as clients started to find the business.

In 2005, the business went full time and I hired our first employees.  I changed the name in 2010 to reflect the fact that the company had outgrown the Central Mass region.  While that is still our primary coverage area, we have had clients in almost every state, and even internationally (UK and Canada).

My primary role with the company now is as the account rep, sales, management, and overall direction of the company.  I’m the lead networker, and I do quite a bit of public speaking.  I’ve even spoken at an International Conference!  I like working directly with our clients when they first contact us because I enjoy the challenge of solving their problems.  From a web and internet level, there are always challenges, but I find great satisfaction in finding solutions to these issues.

I enjoy giving back as members of non-profit boards and I enjoy the collaborative experience of that situation.  Learning from other professionals is what has helped me grow my business, and I value the fact that others can learn from me as well.

Riding the Wilds of Upstate NH with my ATV Friends!

Riding the Wilds of Upstate NH with my ATV Friends!

In my free time, I enjoy football, and many of you know that I have coached football for a total of 10 years on and off.  The struggle between coaching and work has been challenge as both can be very time consuming. I enjoy riding my Side by Side ATV in Upstate New Hampshire. I also really like to travel and I hope to roam the USA one day in a large RV….or just stay in luxury hotels!

Ultimately, I have an incredible passion for business and for business owners to be successful and I continue to help other business owners achieve their goals as that provides a great deal of value to me.  One of Milton Hershey’s greatest principles was giving back and I learned that from being a “Milt” (a “Milt” is a person that was at one time enrolled in Milton Hershey School) and I really do try to fulfill that part of my heart each year!

I work hard…dedicate myself to my business, my clients business, and my life goals, and in turn, I like to take a little time off and Play in the Outdoors of New England, or the Sun of Fort Myers Florida.

I am often approached about how much time I spend working, because it is a lot.  I even admit that.  It’s what I love.  I’m writing this blog, late at night…after most businesses are closed for the day.  It’s just what I do.  Sometimes…it’s difficult, even painful.  But as my friend Erik said to me once, it’s “Delicious Agony”, which we both define as the pain of working long hours for an amazing result or goal!  Sometimes you just have to buckle down and do it!

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Feel free to let me know more about yourself.  I’m honored you took the time to learn more about me, and I would love to know much more about you.  What makes you tick?  What drives you? What are your life’s goals?  If there’s just one thing you could do for me….it’s…

…stay in touch!

…don’t be a stranger!

…say Hi for no reason other than to say Hi!

…and smile!  Life’s too short to not smile!