Here are the 3 top reasons that clients tell us why they are not doing email marketing. These reasons may also be the same 3 reasons that you are not doing email marketing for your business.  These are just the top 3 reasons. There are many others, some of which we cannot publish on the web! 🙂

1.  They hate getting email marketing pieces from other people. In fact they despise it. They think it’s spam. The reasons go on and on around this topic, but the bottom line is they don’t like getting email. There’s nothing wrong with that feeling, but there is something wrong with believing that your customers don’t want emails from you with updates about information, company services, specials, and promotions. Remember, this isn’t about you, it’s about your customers. They should know that you are the expert, that you have knowledge, that you care about them, and that you have the product and service that they need and want at the time that they need and want it. So send them relevant information, at appropriate times. Well timed intervals are key to getting good results with email marketing, and the other main factor is sending the email to a highly targeted list. If you put everyone in the same bucket, then it likely won’t work. You need to segment. This might be the exact reason why you don’t like getting emails…cause they aren’t relevant to you. Think of a company that sends you emails that you like to get, that you actually read. Then review why it is that you like those and not others!  With those good, positive reasons you can now go build a great email for your clients and prospects!

2.  They would much prefer to do something else. They know that they want to send out emails, but walking through the thought process with no guidance becomes overbearing for them, so they divert to other tasks that are easier! I get it! I do the same thing sometimes…I mean really who wants to mow the lawn! Only 3%? Well guess what…we are the 3% that likes creating email plans and executing on those, and we love advising people on how to do it as well. This is why I often do free seminars on exactly how to do this! It’s not rocket science, but email marketing can get a little more fun the deeper you dig into it! If you don’t like doing it, then delegate to a coworker, employee, or an agency. But at least recognize that someone needs to be doing it so that you can get the $44 ROI back for every $1 spent on email marketing!

3 Reasons You aren't doing email marketing3.  Time! Ain’t Nobody Got Time For that! I get it. Small business owners are crushed with time. Many of us barely have enough time for our family much less ourselves. This is where that delegation comes in as well. You have to stick to what you are good at, what you do best and you need to remain focused on those things.  Then you can have someone else do tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse or that you don’t have time for! Bottom line…find someone who offers an email marketing program (like us) and interview them so you know it’s a good fit. Then hire them and let them do their magic!