Many people are confused about how Constant Contact invoices its users because billing is based on the number of unique email addresses in user contact lists during any given billing period. Note the use of the word “unique” because this is where the confusion originates.

Some Constant Contact users try to game the system by uploading a certain number of email addresses to their contact lists – say, 400 addresses – then send an email to that list, delete the list, uploads another list of 400 addresses and repeat. These users mistakenly think that they’ve fooled Constant Contact because at no time were there more than 400 addresses in their contact lists. However, what Constant Contact sees is 800 unique addresses and invoices accordingly. So even if there was only a list of 400 addresses at the time of billing, during the course of the billing month there were a total of 800 unique email addresses posted.

Constant Contact pricing is NOT determined by the number of contacts you have at the end of the billing period, nor the number of emails you’ve sent. It’s determined solely on the number of unique email addresses and the system cannot be tricked by repeatedly loading and deleting a series of small address lists. At the end of the billing period, Constant Contact will have seen the total number of unique addresses and is going to send a bill based on that number.

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