What do gardens and websites have in common? Growth. The different stages of a garden are easily compared to the different stages of a website. Let’s talk about it.

Seeds = keyphrases. When you plant a tomato seed, if all goes well, that seed will grow roots and develop into a plant. When the tomatoes have grown and ripened, it’s time to harvest them. The same can be said for the keyphrases that you choose for your website. Identify the products or services that you want to sell, then plant them within the content and code of your website. Keep adding to these topics and your website will flourish.

Water it often or it will never grow. If you plant seeds and ignore them, you certainly can’t count on a plentiful harvest. Sure, it might happen, but without consistent effort from your part you can’t really claim any credit for it. As a reliable web development company, we are frequently asked how often you are required to maintain your website. The answer? You are not required to update it at all. If you put effort into it, you will most likely get rewards out of it. The key is to make the right efforts and to keep up with it.

Weeds = spam. If you’re not attentive, your garden may quickly become overrun with weeds, which can choke and kill the plants that you actually want to grow. Same for your website – you need security compliance and spam filters. If your site becomes unsafe or full of spam, your traffic will grind to a halt and your message will remain unspread. People don’t want your spammy site to pass on viruses to them, so they will get away from it as fast as they can.

 Harvest = profit. After all of this work, what are you expecting to get out of it? As Matt always says, you’ve got to plan your work and work your plan. If you’re expecting a large harvest (big profits), you have to put in the work. You just have to. There is no way around it, unless you want to rely on luck. This would be tantamount to planting tomato seeds in April and returning in October, expecting thriving plants with huge tomatoes. You have to account for the weather during the growing season, pull up weeds, make sure bugs or other pests aren’t chowing down, and more.

Give us a call if you have questions or need help growing your website and reaping the profits! We’re here & will be glad to talk over how we can help.