Recently we were contacted by a company that wanted us to create, install and roll out an affiliate marketing program for their website. Now, their website was already in existence, and they were looking to have a greater reach. What they wanted to do was to send email marketing messages to their existing clients with embedded, customized links that they could share on their social media. If their friends, families, or other connections clicked on the customized link, the client would get credit for a sale and thus, a small commission. This strategy enables the company to strengthen their sales force without having to hire dedicated salespeople.

Affiliate marketing works very well in the right business model. Usually, it’s a business-to-consumer type of business model that is the most effective. In almost all cases, affiliate marketing doesn’t work very well for business-to-business models because it’s a much more difficult sale.

We were able to discuss with this client what the possibilities were. We designed, created and implemented a system that was effective for this business to not only roll out the program, but also monitor and manage the program as well. Now they can go into their system, identify top-performing affiliates and reward them appropriately if the company so chooses.

If you’re thinking about using affiliate marketing and getting something going on your website, and integrating that with Constant Contact email marketing, inConcert Web Solutions is the company that can help you do that. Give us a call or contact us online and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.