Well, it’s 2014 and while we aren’t all zipping around in flying cars and parading around in silver jumpsuits, it’s impossible to deny that several futuristic predictions from yesteryear have come to pass – specifically, the smartphone and virtually omnipresent access to the Internet.

Whether you’re on board with the mobile trend or not, the fact remains that most of the consumers with whom you’re hoping to connect are spending a lot of face time with their devices. If that means the audience for your website is primarily going to be accessing your site through their phone, you need to have a site that is optimized for the tiny screen display and touchscreen input.

How can you tell if you need mobile? We’ve talked about this before, and the main idea is that you need to know where your web traffic is coming from. Google Analytics is the tool for you. Among hundreds if not thousands of other data points, you’ll be able to figure out what devices and browsers your visitors are using when they access your site.

Here at inConcert, we have designed and created mobile-friendly websites for several clients. Take a look at the Acton Chiropractic website, for example. Here are some screenshots taken with an iPhone 4S:


Big difference, right? Because this website is designed to be mobile-friendly, the image on the left is the default display for those accessing the site using a smartphone. Using the touchscreen, you can swipe up or down to scroll or click on any of the buttons in the menu to find out more information. As you can see, the option to view the full site is available on the mobile-friendly site.

If this site was not specifically designed to be mobile-friendly, the image on the right is what people would see on their phones. The text is too small and there is too much going on. Be honest – if you saw a page like this on your phone, would you zoom in and search for answers, or leave and search for a mobile-friendly site?

Don’t risk losing business just because your website needs an upgrade. Call us today or contact us online to talk about your options.