This is the second part of a four-part series about how to get the best of social media. Check out the first part about Facebook and stay tuned for the rest!

What should I know about Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic tool for individual social outreach as well as a broader advertising medium. As you may already be aware, messages on this website are called “tweets” and they are limited to 140 characters of text. Because the posts are so short, people tend to share updates more frequently.

This is a fast-paced social network, so don’t expect people to see every single one of your posts. While it may seem shallow and time-consuming to the casual observer, it is surely a powerful way to keep your finger on the social pulse of your industry. Having a direct way to connect with consumers for feedback can be an invaluable tool.

Once you are all set up with a Twitter account, you can post messages describing the services you offer, you can retweet posts from other Twitter users, or interact directly with specific individuals (for example, people who tweet about needing your products). Include hash tags in your tweets for broader exposure. For example, a band might tweet: “#WhatToDoTonight come to our gig!” These hash tags are ways for Twitter users to search for tweets about a specific topic. Users generate their own hashtags, so get creative!