If your website isn’t resulting in more sales, we have plenty of tips and tricks to make it more efficient for you. Check out this week’s tip video to learn a quick, simple way to gain more leads online. Matt explains all the details so you can follow along easily.

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Hi, everyone! Matt Ward with inConcert Web Solutions bringing you another great tip today.

Now, here’s the thing, you want to make your website effective. That’s what our company does; we help people build effective websites. One way you do that is by increasing the conversion on your website. So, it’s one thing to get a lot of people to your website; it’s a whole other thing to actually have them fill out the form or call you on the phone.

To increase that effectiveness you need to limit your FORM FIELD options. So, there are studies out there that indicate that if you get past 4 fields on the form – Name, Phone Number, Email, Comments — that’s pretty much it and you can also add that Spam Capture thing. If you get more than that, it is going to drop by over 50%! So if 10 people came to fill out that form, only 5 will fill it out if you have a whole bunch more fields. Don’t do that!

We do have a few clients who like to do that, but they are trying to very narrowly limit who contacts them because they have a high-end purchase price. So they are really trying to narrow down who their target is. If you are looking for leads keep the FORM FIELDS to 4 or less.

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