Recently I have come across a number of cases where the information on the Contact Page of a website is lacking important information or simply incorrect.  The reality is that it is your CONTACT page.  So you want people to be able to contact you.  Here are some things that I saw and that I pointed out to the website owners if I was able to get in touch with them:

  • The Contact Page simply had a form on it and no other info; and the problem wasn’t the form, it was that I wanted to call them and I couldn’t find their phone number anywhere on the website.  Eventually, after looking, I found it on the About Us page of all places.
  • Phone number listed was out of service
  • The map that was on the page was showing an incorrect location
  • The address was spelled wrong
  • The phone number was a graphic and was not in Text format
  • Email address is listed on the page

Here are some quick things you can do to ensure that your contact page is effective…

  • Check your page for accuracy every quarter, it only takes 5 minutes
  • Test your form every month, it only takes 2 minutes
  • Make sure your phone number is in text format, this way all the new smart phones can read it and recognize that it is a phone number and the user can click to call
  • Make sure your address information is complete
  • If you have a map, check its location to be sure that the map application is up- to- date
  • Remove all emails from the page, you will get more spam by showing your email on the page