The U.S. Library of Congress Website

Back in February 2010, inConcert released a website for its first client of political status, Citizens for John Olver for Congress. The website was warmly received by Congressman Olver and his representatives that worked with us to produce it. From that website project, we were able to provide their campaign team with designs for other promotional campaign materials such as palm cards and t-shirts. Recently, Congressman Olver’s Chief of Staff, Hunter Ridgway, whom we worked closely with to complete the site, notified us that the website has been selected by The United States Library of Congress to be included in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the 2010 U. S. National Election.

The Library of Congress acquires, catalogs, preserves and offers a collection of United States artifacts to the Congress and the American people. This now includes digital materials such as websites. The Library will be archiving various portions of the site and will be making the collection of archives available to researchers and other scholarly individuals. In addition, they will make it more broadly available by hosting the archive collection on its public access website.

Technology is improving at a rapid pace and digital materials such as websites may never be printed out for historic record, which is why the Web Archives at The United States Library of Congress are so important going forward. This allows the accurate documentation of historic events and records that might never be put into print. We are proud to say that we have one of our pieces in these Web Archives and we thank the Citizens for John Olver for Congress, Congressman Olver and his representatives for the opportunity to work with them on this project.