What are you doing still using IE 6? It’s out of date, outdated, out of touch, and just plain OLD! Why can’t you update to the latest version? Why oh why? Look…we like you…we really do, but we cannot keep supporting a browser that is so old. It costs web developers time (which is money) and customers and clients do not want to pay for the extra time it takes to code for IE 6, so please, just please…in fact, pretty please. …update your browser.

Did you know that you are 1 of only 7% of americans still using IE 6? That most certainly means that you are in the minority, for sure!

Ideally, I know you want to upgrade…but I am guessing that you have an invalid copy of windows so you are afraid to get caught upgrading….or you just are afraid that upgrading to another version of IE will crash your system (I understand that concern). So…here is the resolution. Move immediatly to Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. They are both Free and they are both better (and I mean much better) than IE.

Many people just don’t understand the impact that IE in general, and specifically IE 6 have had on the web design and development community, and frankly we the developers, and business owners are frustrated.

Leave IE in the dust, leave it behind like it was a bad hamburger in your happy meal and just upgrade to a better browser overall, Chrome or Firefox will do. I would love to see this 7% drop like a water balloon and crash to the ground by the end of 2010, although I realize that it is very unlikely that this will be the case.