Yext Powerlistings for Boston, Massachusetts

Yext Powerlistings for Boston, MassachusettsThe online world is a messy place. As consumer and commercial marketing efforts become increasingly digital and more businesses take their promotional campaigns to the Web, their marketing messages, listings, profiles, and bits of data begin to proliferate across the digital universe, making it increasingly difficult to manage an efficient online presence.

Fortunately, there’s Yext. What’s that, you say. Yext for Boston, Massachusetts businesses and organizations around the world is a powerful digital data management platform that helps organizations of all stripes with:

  • Data cleansing
  • Duplicate listing suppression
  • Listings management
  • Local web pages and SEO
  • Locators and directories
  • Menu management
  • And much more

Companies in Boston, Massachusetts love Yext because it will clean up the facts about their business across all their internet data sources, keeping it consistent across the board, so they can be fully confident in the information they provide to customers. In short, it can help clean up and standardize your directory listings, so that you can rest assured you’re saying the same thing to everyone, from one centralized platform.

Sooner or later, most businesses run into a problem with duplicate listings, which can cause major confusion for both customers and search engine crawlers. Worst of all, they hurt local search rankings. Yext’s duplicate suppression process solves the problem of duplicate business listings once and for all. It’ll even automate and manage list updates to keep things clean and simple.

These are just a couple of this powerful digital information management platform’s benefits for organizations like yours. Yext for Boston, Massachusetts businesses is an ideal way to effectively and cost-efficiently manage your entire online presence. If you’d like to know more, or would like help in getting started with Yext, let us know here at inConcert –we’d be happy to help.