Website Refresh, Redesign, Upgrade in Boston, Massachusetts

Website Refresh, Redesign, Upgrade in Boston, MassachusettsIf you depend upon your website as an important business tool, making sure it’s current and up-to-date is critical. Website refresh, redesign, and upgrade is a great way to ensure your website is as efficient and effective as possible and that it can be found by search engines.

If your website hasn’t been touched in a while, a website refresh, redesign, upgrade in Boston, Massachusetts by inConcert can give your old website a new lease on life. Refreshing and redesigning an old website with a fresh, new look and perhaps even an upgrade in features and functionality — such as adding e-commerce to a retail or commercial business website — can add tremendous value.

When you have a website refresh, redesign, upgrade in Boston, Massachusetts performed by our Web optimization experts, your website will be cured of any ills it might be suffering from such as dead links, outdated or irrelevant pages, old contact information, and poor navigation. With a comprehensive website refresh, redesign, upgrade in Boston, Massachusetts our Web pros can streamline your old website and help visitors get to the right pages and find the information they’re looking for faster and easier.

Perhaps the most important reason to do a website refresh, redesign, and upgrade is to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines are continually manipulating their search algorithms to try to make results more accurate and appropriate. If your website has not been updated recently, you’re likely missing out on getting noticed because your website no longer has great visibility.

Any business or organization that’s serious about being seen on the Web should be optimizing their website for mobile. With the bulk of internet connectivity now being accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a website proportioned for desktop viewing is seriously handicapped, making it difficult for a significant number of potential visitors to even view it. A website refresh, redesign, upgrade in Boston, Massachusetts can help you modify your website for mobile or create an entirely new one specifically for the mobile market.

Finally, simply updating a website design can go a long way in increasing your website’s visibility and value. An old, outdated site speaks poorly about the business or organization that owns it, making them look old and out-of-date as well. Older website designs also may not function as well in the latest browser versions or with updated plugins. By refreshing, redesigning, and upgrading a website, its visibility, functionality, and competitiveness can be greatly improved.