Plan. Create. Orchestrate.


planHere at inConcert, we’ve developed a 70 step process that we abide by each time we create a new website. This process helps us plan out each project and make sure that we have a full understanding of what the final product should be. Our account executives will first work with you to help you determine what you need. Our design team will then meet with you to discuss what your looking for as far as aesthetics and our content writer will work with you to determine the focus of your content. Once we have this planning stage complete, it’s time to create your website! Since our planning stage is so extensive, by the time your project reaches our coding department, our developers can efficiently build out the website and make it function.


aboutusinConcert has a staff of fully seasoned professionals who will help guide you through the development process. As the project progresses, you will be working with various members of our team. The main people you will be in contact with are your Account Executive, your Project Manager, your Content Writer, your Graphic Designer, and your Web Developer. Below we have a short description of what each team member does and how much contact they will have with you. We look forward to working with you!


Account Executive: You will be working with your Account Executive to get all of the paperwork completed. He or she will help you decide which applications and functions will be most beneficial on your website. You can always call your Account Executive if you have any questions about the package you’ve purchased. If you decide you are interested in additional packages, such as print and promotional items, your Account Executive will be happy to get you a quote.

Project Manager: Your website will be assigned a Project Manager who will oversee your project from start to finish. They will keep in contact with you through the various stages of the website development. If you have any questions or problems throughout the entire process, your Project Manager will be happy to assist you.

Content Writer: Our Content Writer will work closely with you to decide page names, page titles; and appropriate, well-written content for the website. Our writer is fully trained in writing for effective web-based marketing. In addition to content, the writer will help you decide appropriate keywords to maximize your search engine capabilities, layout a full navigation tree, and if required, a press release.

Graphic Designer: Your Graphic Designer will handle all of the design aspects of the project. They will design a layout according to the information you have provided during the Defining Phase and send you a mock-up. You are responsible to communicate to the designer any design changes or errors you need fixed before the Coding and Buildout Phase. They can also assist you in seeking out appropriate imagery if necessary.

Web Developer: You may not have much contact with our Web Developer, if any. They will take the approved design and make it into a fully-functioning website. This includes coding all graphics, making links, creating custom forms, installing all necessary applications, etc. If you have any technical questions, your Web Developer may be asked to help you.


orchestrateOnce your website is complete (or maybe you already have an existing site that you are pleased with), you should think about how it works with your other marketing materials. Are they unified? Or do they look completely disconnected? It is important that all of your marketing materials harmonize with each other in order to get the full impact of your marketing efforts. In addition, you should think about how you will be maintaining your website. Do you have a content management system? Or will you need your web company to make changes for you? Either way, it is important to keep your website updated and fresh. Not only will that be helpful to your viewers, but it will also help with your search engine results. Not sure how to increase your search engine rankings? inConcert can help with that too! Browse through our Website Maintenance plans to see which one would work best for you and let us begin orchestrating your marketing success!

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