Constant Contact email marketing in New Braintree, Massachusetts

Constant Contact Email Marketing in New Braintree, MassachusettsDo you use email to its full potential? In New Braintree, Massachusetts, Constant Contact email marketing is a highly cost-effective solution for your company to stay in touch with everyone in your address book.  Email marketing is an incredibly valuable tool for your business to reach your current & new customers and retain your current customer base.  In New Braintree, Massachusetts, Constant Contact email marketing can be used as an effective way to grow sales as well, providing you take care not to turn off the customer with too many emails or dull content.

If you are looking to do email marketing and would like a free consultation, we encourage you to contact inConcert Web Solutions. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process or even do it for you, from designing the layout of your email newsletter to writing the content, finding just the right photos, and linking to your website, blog, and social networks. This strategy makes it incredibly easy for the customer to contact you if and when they need your help!

The team of web experts at inConcert Web Solutions has completed the training required to become a Constant Contact Expert in both The Power of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Made Simple. Each year, a select group of Constant Contact customers are honored with the All Star Award for their exemplary marketing results. inConcert’s results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact’s email marketing customer base for five consecutive years! (2008-2012)

“Constant Contact has been a very efficacious way of increasing sales, heightening interest in our website, and making the phone ring off the hook at the Purple Poppy. So much so, that we have to make sure we staff extra help to handle the demand that Constant Contact delivers. A little creativity, time and Constant Contact is all that is needed to help the Purple Poppy stay connected; enabling us to share all the great clothing and ideas the Purple Poppy offers our customers in a timely and cost effective manner.” -Brittany, Purple Poppy

Constant Contact is a leading New Braintree, Massachusetts email marketing and online survey provider. They assist small businesses and organizations in creating and sending out professional looking email newsletters and effective online surveys. With your Constant Contact email marketing subscription, you will have access to the latest industry information and educational materials to help you learn about how you can make the most out of your email marketing and surveys. You also have access to a template library full of sophisticated email newsletter templates.

In New Braintree, Massachusetts, Constant Contact email marketing services actually protect you from the federal laws associated with the Can Spam Act, allowing your subscribers to opt out and never receive future emails from you.  If you do not use an email marketing service and you use something like Outlook to send email messages and the person replies to that message asking you to opt them out and you do not comply with that request, then you are subject to heavy fines by the federal government.

Fortunately for companies in New Braintree, Massachusetts, Constant Contact email marketing services have statistics provided to you in your control panel that show you the open rate and the “Click Through” rate. This will allow you to figure out what parts of your email marketing strategy are working, and what parts need to be changed or removed. You can even figure out exactly what your readers are clicking on so that you can start including the content they want to see.

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