We’ve all heard the nightmare stories about companies with low-cost websites built by a family member or friend because they’re “good with computers” and “know all about the Internet.” Maybe you’ve even succumbed to the lure of the thousand-dollar website yourself because the price was so darn low. And maybe it even worked. Until it didn’t.

Unfortunately, this is a story we hear more often than we’d like. Clients will tell us that their old website is clunky, with poor navigation, confusing graphics, and little or no traffic. More often than not, it was developed by a low-ball designer with cut-rate pricing who spent little or no time finding out the business goals of the client, what they’d like the website to do for them, and what they would consider a good return-on-investment (ROI).

Don’t pay for a website. Pay for RESULTS.

What many business owners and managers don’t realize is that they need to consider the money they’re spending on a website an investment in results. What many business owners and managers don’t realize is that they need to consider the money they’re spending on a website an investment in results. If you’re only willing to spend a thousand dollars or so on website development, you’ll be hiring someone who cannot afford to put much time and effort into creating and promoting an effective, Web-based business tool. Instead, you’ll get a bunch of HTML pages hosted somewhere, with no promotion and no visibility. The result? A minimal website, doomed to languish online, unseen and unused.

But when you invest instead in results, you’re spending money more effectively, creating an integrated website development and digital marketing solution designed to meet your specific business goals and needs. One that provides an ROI that will not only earn back your investment, but help your business become more efficient and profitable in the long run, earning even more money. Suddenly, that ten-thousand dollar investment seems a lot smarter and less expensive than the ineffective, poorly-performing thousand dollar website.

But wait, there’s more.

That ROI extends far beyond just a monetary return. A well-designed, efficient website developed for an optimal user experience provides an even greater return in terms of happier customers and employees, time and cost savings, and a more positive brand identity, to name a few benefits. So the real question for business owners is not “what will this website cost?” It’s “what’s the return on my investment?”

The inConcert cost advantage.

At inConcert Web Solutions, we’re all about client ROI.At inConcert Web Solutions, we’re all about client ROI. We’re focused on understanding our clients’ goals and aspirations so they can be reflected in their websites and the digital marketing strategies we develop to promote them. In short, we provide a much bigger bang for the buck. We want our clients to feel confident that their investment in our work is money well spent.

If you’re ready to see better results for your web investment, contact us today. We’ll show you how spending a little more today will provide a far greater ROI tomorrow.