Does this story sound familiar? You place the call and leave a message… but no response.  This happens weekly, so you keep calling back.  For some reason, your web guy just doesn’t call you back. Why is that? After all, you most likely want a simple answer to a simple question.  Or, moreover, you want to spend money with them for a change on the website, but they don’t call you back.  Why is that?

When I get a call from a prospective website maintenance client, one of the first things I hear is that their current provider isn’t returning their phone calls. My estimate, is that this happens 65%-70% of the time.So why does this happen?  It’s the basic business concept of supply and demand (of their time).  When you use a sole proprietor firm, depending on their processes, they may be busy building the sites they sold, leaving themselves with no time to call people back.

Why doesn’t this happen at inConcert?  Because of how I have set up the roles within my firm, I ensure that people have specific duties, like graphic design or programming.  We also have a dedicated project manager.  Simply put, when you call our company, there is more than one person to speak to. Call us today if you feel like you need a change!