A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve all heard that before, and it’s true. Images have a special kind of magic that allows the viewer to pick up on both simple and complicated concepts and ideas. As a web marketing team, we recommend using this fact to your advantage. Your blog posts will be more appealing to readers with the simple addition of an image. Similarly, the content you post anywhere else on your website can also benefit from images.

You never know what kind of audience your website may be attracting, so it may be a good idea to
provide different types of content. Some readers prefer textual explanations and others prefer visual example to go along with the written word. To help you improve your website and your online presence, we’ve put together a collection of free holiday clip-art (taken from Microsoft’s Free Clipart Library). We’ve got you covered all year long. Take a look through our gallery and feel free to spice up your webspace!

New Years

[holidayClipart holiday=”NewYears”]

Martin Luther King Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”MartinLutherKing”]

Valentine’s Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”Valentines”]

Presidents’ Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”PresidentsDay”]

St Patrick’s Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”StPatsDay”]


[holidayClipart holiday=”Easter”]


[holidayClipart holiday=”MemorialDay”]

Independence Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”July4″]

Labor Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”LaborDay”]

Columbus Day

[holidayClipart holiday=”ColumbusDay”]


[holidayClipart holiday=”Halloween”]


[holidayClipart holiday=”Thanksgiving”]


[holidayClipart holiday=”Christmas”]