Color is an important factor in the decision making process for every web design project. PANTONE®, the world-renowned color experts, announced recently that they’ve chosen Emerald as the 2013 Color of the Year! The experts themselves describe Emerald as “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Today, everyone knows the importance of going green cannot be stressed enough. Taking better care of the environment is not just a social fad; it’s a global responsibility that must be taken seriously. It’s no surprise, then, that PANTONE®’s Color of the Year resonates with such an important issue.

It’s a good idea to update your website regularly, and sometimes it’s necessary to give it a complete overhaul. Choosing to embrace PANTONE®’s Color of the Year in your web design (if it works within your company branding, of course) can be a great way to remind yourself annually that your website needs some TLC. With this strategy, when the color experts announce the new Color of the Year, you’ll know it’s time again for you to work on the website.

Over the past couple years PANTONE® has chosen warmer hues like orangey red Tangerine Tango and pink Honeysuckle. By contrast, this year’s choice strays to the opposite side of the color wheel with bright Emerald green. In both nature and the manmade world, green works well when combined with almost any other color; bright flowery colors, darker subdued shades, and pale pastels are all compatible in the right designs. All in all, it’s a very easy color to work with.

What comes to mind when you think of the color green? Chances are, you feel relaxed and unworried. Luminous and energizing, any shade of verdant green can inspire feelings of peace and balance. On a totally uncontrollable, subconscious level, our inner cavemen associates an abundance of green with a plentiful water supply and a slim chance of starvation. So for the most part, if strategically used, green can subconsciously create favorable feelings which could very much aid in getting your traffic to convert!

We want to know what you think – would you use Emerald green in your website? Was it a calculated design strategy or just a subconscious color preference? Share your thoughts, please!