The importance of your email signature is the equivalent to having a mailing address to your home/business. Yes, really. How else are those you are corresponding with via email to get in contact with you, if you do not have the most important information in the body of your email message?

This simple set up in your email account settings will automatically fill with every email you send, reply to, or forward, based on your preferences.

We recommend you include the following information:

Full Professional Name
Business Title
Business Name
Mailing address
Phone Number(s)
Website address
Social Media Links (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)

Why is this so important?
Let’s say, you have been corresponding with your potential customer via email for a few days. They need something you offer in your services and you want to deliver it, but for some reason they were vague in their order.. Or they asked you to call them as soon as possible. When it comes time to contact them, you can’t find their phone number. So the email threads begin. Everyone loses.

Email signatures are the easiest calling cards available for someone who is trying to get in contact with you. They should be hyperlinked for easy access, a simple and reliable one touch contact from your customers to you. You never want a prospective or current customer to have to hunt down your contact information. Sometimes even in emails you can control how people see your name, we think it is important to always show your full name.

Whether you change your name, desk extension, email address or add a new social media link to your business, it is important to update your signature periodically. Incorrect information could lead to loss of sales, frustrated clients, and an unprofessional appearance.

Here are some tips on what your email signature should look like:

Small and legible, around font size 9 or 10.
• Keep it clean with a standard font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia.
• Plain Black text, no bright colors. Stay clear of decorations like wallpapered backgrounds. Simple, white, legible.
• Consider mobile responsiveness. Graphic enhanced images do not always convert well. When replying sometimes these images come over as attachments, adding to the history threads and size of emails.
• Adding your logo as a jpeg is the exception to the above and is perfectly acceptable.

Save time, energy, and everyone’s nerves by simply adding your email signature to all emails starting today. Most email programs have auto signature with options that can be appended at the end of all of your outgoing messages in the settings area.