Content is big these days on the internet, it drives traffic.  It’s the primary focus for ranking high on search engines, especially Google, and it has been like that for quite a few years.

So what happens when you have a great deal of content on a website and you are looking to create a new site design, you are presented with the question?  “Do I move ALL the content, or just some of it?”

First….let me state that we rarely ever recommend removing content from a site.  We are big on content, we believe it works, we’ve seen it work, and by work I mean bring in more business.

Second…If you have WordPress as your content management system, and you are thinking that this may save you some money, then you should NOT remove any content.  Because wordpress is so widely used, it allows for a new site to be built and the content imported in using some specific export and import features that WordPress has.  Just importing the content isn’t the end of the process though.  Time needs to be spent looking at all the different pages of content and reviewing the layout to be sure it flows correctly.

Third…If you aren’t in WordPress, but you have another content management system then you might decide to move only a certain number of pages.

Fourth…if you have no content management system, then you definitely want to trim down your content, provided budget is a concern.

Limiting the content that you move from one site design to another is most often (95%) a budgetary concern.  If you want to save money, and you aren’t in WordPress, then trimming the content that you move to the new site means that there is less time involved for the website company to load it onto your new website.  As such, it should cost less.  More content = More Money (except in the case of WordPress).

Bottom line, talk to your website company about content BEFORE you sign a contract, and make sure you know if you or the company is responsible for moving the content.  If you have any questions about content moving, feel free contact us.

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