How to break up with your web-savvy-but-oh-so-busy friend.

Client: Two years ago my friend helped me with my website. She really did everything. Since then she has changed positions in her job and has started a family. I had a few updates for my website, but she takes so long to get back with me. I don’t even know how to sign in to my website. How can I make the break and still keep her friendship? I really would like to update a lot and feel like I have no idea where to start.

Our Advice: To put it simply I would recommend –honesty. Your friend did you a great service by helping with your website and that shouldn’t go unappreciated. Two years ago websites were different. Your friend is now on a track serving her own life and might welcome the opportunity to unload the website responsibilities on to you or someone else. She might be just as nervous as you are to bring up the topic in fear of damaging your friendship.

Business is business and yours needs to stay fresh and modern. That is reason enough to send her a quick email and just tell her the truth. The easiest way to make changes is with a Content Management System that YOU can update yourself. If you don’t have the time, then find a reliable company you can work with.

So, I would touch base with your friend and thank her for all her help. Tell her that you recognize that your website needs to grow with your business. Then, simply ask her for the information she uses to login to your website… because you “have some changes that need to be made”. I bet she will be glad you did.