3 Blog ideas for your small businessContent is the key to having your website show up on Google.  But often times, small business owners don’t know where to start with website content.  In an effort to assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled 3 blog ideas for your small business.

What you need to make this work:

  • You need a website, ideally with a blog or a place to put the content
  • A little bit of time to create a blog article (or the desire to hire it out)
  • Some creative juices.

Let’s define blog briefly.  A blog is a term for a location on your website where you add content, generally with ease, that is related to your business or industry, but may not be directly related to a product or service.  Often times it’s used as a place to provide insight to your readers and show that you are knowledgeable and are an expert in your specific industry.

With that said, let’s dive right in on the ideas:

Blog Idea #1 – Start with a Question.

Write down 5 recent questions that you have received from your clients or prospects in the past 2 weeks.  Generally these come in conversation form when you meet with them or they can  come in via email.  I’ll give you some examples of questions that I recently received: “How long does it take to get a website?”,  “Can I keep my domain name if I buy a website from your company?”, and “Do I own the website if I hire your company to build it?”

It’s not unrealistic to have 10 questions or so that you can remember having been asked in the past week or two, however you need to pare that down to 3, and from there, decide on one.  That question can then become the subject of your blog article and it can also be the title, if you so choose.

Blog Idea #2 – Run with a Case Study

Just about every small business has a case study that they can reference and show readers what they did to improve their client’s life or business.  If you are a contractor, it’s a before and after of the addition.  If you are a manufacturer, it’s solving the problem, lowering costs, improving quality or production timelines.  There are a lot of scenarios that all types of small businesses can put into words.

Start with the brainstorming.  Again write down 5 possible case studies, and with them write down the pros of each along with the overall improvement for the client.  Then whittle this list down to just one.  Begin writing the content, and to do that, use this formula:

  1. Client had X
  2. Client needed to improve Y
  3. We delivered in a specific way
  4. Showcase the result

Blog Idea #3 – Report the Industry Trends

Using trade journals and industry association emails or websites, read and review the latest industry trends, then write an article related to those trends, to post on your website.  To do this focus on 3 industry trends and narrow them down to one specifically.  Provide 3 examples of that industry trend and how it may impact the industry as a whole.  Be sure to indicate how your small business is adjusting or not adjusting to the trend, and why.

In closing, if you can find a way to get just one article per quarter out on your blog, that’s a start. We recommend that companies post an article to their blog once per month, so that Google sees you updating your site, as that is a primary ranking factor.  In the end, new content is the key here, so just go with what you can do.  Once per quarter is better than nothing at all.