Working with the web can sometimes be an intimidating thing. Content Management Systems are applications that are installed onto a web server that allow you to manage the content of your website with a lot of ease. WordPress has become the leading Content Management System on the internet and has been used to create sites from The New Yorker to the Playstation blog to the official site of Sweden!

WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform by Matt Mullenweg in 2003. As it has grown in functionality, it grew in usage and now currently runs 20% of the websites on internet. Having a website built on WordPress gives you control over your website with an easy to use admin area.  From creating a new page to upgrading to the latest most secure version, you can do all this from a password protected control panel called the Dashboard.

WordPress has a slew of features that make it appealing for people to use. It has the flexibility to be used as different kinds of websites: from a personal blog to a professional website and even an online community. One of it’s strengths is the ability to have SEO built into the system and thus takes the need to code it out of your hands. Creating new posts or pages can be added to your site instantly by entering in the content and then clicking a button. Built in media management allows you to drag and drop in images to your posts or pages with the greatest of ease. Changing your site’s look is as simple as dropping in a new theme.

As easy WordPress is to use, it’s only useful if you’re available to make changes. Making sure the new images and content on your site look picture-perfect takes time —something you’re probably always running short on! Let us take charge of managing your site’s content.

Security on the internet is one of the biggest concerns as of late. The WordPress software updates that come out on a frequent basis don’t just include new features, but also security precautions to protect your site from being targeted by hackers. With WordPress, it’s easy to make sure you’re running the latest versions of your installed plugins and the WordPress. However, depending on the number of plugins that are installed, new updates can sometimes create conflicts and break your site without you realizing it until it’s too late. We at inConcert are capable of managing your site’s WordPress and plugin updates. We’ll back up your site and test each plugin to make sure everything functions perfectly.

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